Why Are 1 In 3 Smartphone Users Seeing Their Personal Photos Disappear From Their Phone?

“I turned on my phone and every single picture of my children disappeared…” If that statement terrifies you, then read the following story and discover how to protect your most precious memories before it’s too late.

About a month ago, my phone decided to croak and take everything with it…

Including the 3,000+ photos and videos of my children and grandbabies. Gone *SNAP* like that…

The video of my youngest graduating from boot camp? Gone.

The pictures I took of my mom before she passed? Now only a memory.

And the video recording of my late husband doing his best Bing Crosby impression while on our way to Sedona…?

That video disappeared, too… and I kick myself every day for not storing that video somewhere safe.

My late husband was shy and rarely “performed,” especially not in front of people.

So when I recorded him singing while on our roadtrip, moving his shoulders while he drove… it became one of those rare moments you want to record so you can remind your children about a side of their father you wish they got to see more.

But want to know what’s REALLY sad? It was when I discovered that all of this could have been avoided if I had done this one simple thing— and no, it has nothing to do with the crazy amount of “cloud” storages out there (how do you keep track of those anyway?)

So if you’re like me and you have THOUSANDS of pictures and videos on your smartphone… and it makes you sick to your stomach to imagine all of those memories vanishing in the blink of an eye… then you’ll want to listen closely and heed my warning—

What most smartphone users don’t realize is that there is a tiny “invisible meltdown” waiting for the right moment to spread and destroy everything you hold dear.

I share my story not to scare, but to help others avoid the suffering I went through, and the heartache I continue to feel to this very day…

I wish I had known about this device before I lost all of my pictures and videos… DO NOT make my mistake. Go here now to make sure your cherished memories stay protected!

The Pocket-Sized Genius Device I Wish I Had Before I Lost Everything

Long-story-short: I used to let my grandson download his loud racing and fighting mobile games on my phone. Notice the word “USED” in the previous sentence…

At the time, I didn’t mind. It kept him out of his mom’s hair while he was out of school.

Then one day I hear him say “uh oh…” and my phone wouldn’t turn on, even when I plugged it in to charge thinking the battery was dead. It wasn’t the battery…

My eldest, and more computer-literate son, eventually got it turned back on, but EVERYTHING I had on there was gone…

Pictures, videos, and saved screenshots I saved… gone.

And because my phone is the “latest” version, I had to research for hours on old and confusing tech forums to figure out how to get my pictures and videos back…

I got a few responses, but they were never very good. Most of them made me feel dumb like I should have “known better…” I had to tell one forum writer, “Listen, I still ‘chicken peck’ at the keyboard, please help me…”

Then out of the blue I got a notification from one of the numerous forums I signed up for from someone named @ComputerGangstazPHX211 and all he said was, “It sounds like all you need is this…”

Then he sent me a secure link called and said all I have to do is order that “stick,” plug it directly into my phone, and then click the button that will show up… and it will immediately locate and back-up every single photo and video that’s on your phone in seconds!

ThePhotoStick Mobile Isn’t Just A “Thumb Drive,” It’s A Lifeline To Cherished Memories

You can say I was more than skeptical about taking advice from some anonymous person online named @ComputerGangstazPHX211…

But when you’re 4 days in after losing everything you hold dear, your mind starts to bring up deep and beautiful memories…

Memories you haven’t thought about in AGES, almost as if your own mind begins to mock you for not taking action and saving the one thing that can never be replaced »

So yeah— I clicked that link immediately.

And guess what? The link went to a real store that offered a real and simple 1-click device that does exactly what it says it does:

Saves your precious memories in seconds, without complicated “tech” or confusing tutorials.

It’s called ThePhotoStick Mobile, and you can order through this site right here »

What Makes ThePhotoStick Mobile So Powerful (And Better Than Overpriced Cloud Storages)?

  • Up to a whopping 128GB! This allows you to instantly back-up around 60,000 pictures and videos without wasting hours searching and organizing
  • Easy-to-use device for the non-techy person that just wants to plug it in and press a button
  • Immediately frees up space on your phone (or computer) so you never have to delete another picture of video again
  • Faster, smoother, and more affordable than your average external hard drive (not to mention you can keep ThePhotoStick Mobile in your pocket… and it doesn’t require you to search and organize your pictures)
  • Safer than storing all of your pictures and videos on a “cloud” (you own everything on ThePhotoStick Mobile, while “clouds” have been breached over and over again by hackers… which sounds safer to you?)
  • Zero monthly payments and zero subscriptions— ThePhotoStick Mobile is your own ‘back-up’ device without all of the unnecessary and expensive bells and whistles
  • 30-day, risk-free guarantee. Try ThePhotoStick Mobile for 30 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, then you can return your order within the 30 day period for a full refund and it won’t hurt our feelings
  • Packaged and shipped fast from the United States (around 4 day delivery time)

“Where Can I Buy ThePhotoStick Mobile?”

If you want to quickly and easily back-up your most cherished memories, and do it without dealing with confusing tech…

…then click the button below can get 40% off their first order of ThePhotoStick Mobile! (keep in mind the more you order, the more you save… in money and memories)


Reader BewareThere Is Only One Brand Of ThePhotoStick Mobile

Many readers are quick to jump to Amazon to find a “better deal.” However, the problem many customers run into with Amazon sellers is you don’t know who you’re getting the product from…

Which begs the question: will the seller be true to their word and return your money if something goes wrong with your order?

But why take the risk… and spend hours researching the “seller”? You can order the original ThePhotoStick Mobile from a certified, trusted, and secure website right here »

And keep in mind, Amazon sellers come and go. What you’re looking for is a real, established business… with a longtime reputation providing a real solution.
But you want to know why so many customers love ordering directly from ThePhotoStick Mobile site? It’s because The PhotoStick Mobile has a 5-star rated customer service.

And you can’t put a price tag on a friendly, kind, and helpful voice over the phone when your most valuable memories may be at risk of disappearing for good…

Are You Prepared For Your Eventual “Phone Meltdown”?

Imagine this— you wake up, look at your phone, and every single picture and video you have taken is gone…

How would you feel? And what would do next..?

Who do you tell without them judging you as a “scatter-brain”?

That’s why the owners of ThePhotoStick Mobile developed the world’s easiest, most affordable “back-up” system that works with 1-click, and stores a lifetime of memories in seconds…

For less than a meal, you can back up every single precious memory from your phone or computer… and do it without having a lick of computer knowledge.

To secure your order of ThePhotoStick Mobile with the “reader’s only” 40% discount, click on the button below now.

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